Perrin Whisperknife

The shortest but most zealous follower of The Raven Queen


Initiative: +5 HIT POINTS: 34

Ability Scores: STR 10 CON 12 DEX 19 INT 8 WIS 11 CHA 17


AC 17


REF 17



+8 vs. AC Shuriken 1d6+4

+9 vs. AC Dagger 1d4+4

RACE: Halfling (Bold, Second Chance, Nimble Reaction)

CLASS: Rogue lvl 3 (Artful Dodger, Sneak Attack, First Strike, Rogue Weapon Talent)

SKILLS: Acrobatics, Bluff, Intimidate, Perception, Stealth, Streetwise, Theivery

FEATS: Backstabber, Warrior of the Wild

POWERS: At-will: Sly Flourish, Deft Strike

Encounter: Positioning Strike, Flamboyant Strike, Second Chance (racial)

Daily: Blinding Barrage

Utility: Fleeting Ghost

EQUIPMENT: Adventurers Kit, Daggers, Shuriken, Theives Tools Magic: +1 Goblin Totem Dagger (lvl 2), +1 Point Blank Shuriken (lvl 3), +1 Battleharness Leather (lvl4)


“Don’t underestimate me. You’d be surprised how many ways I know to put this blade through your throat.”

As a young child in a halfling caravan, Perrin witnessed the suspicion and mistrust of his people whenever their tiny wagons rolled up to a walled town. Although the small travelers saught only shelter in exange for news, business, and entertainment, there was a good many towns who would not let them in for fear of theivery. Some outright stole from the tiny folk, in exchange for letting them into the town. Perrin took in all this injustice, and promised that he would make those who were proud of their height suffer.

In his late teens, his caraven was North seeking to sell winter clothes to a human outpost. The leader of the outpost, Baas Grande, was a large hairy human who offered a pittance in exchange for the halfling wares. As a bargaining ploy, he left the wagons outside the city walls until the halflings decided they would accept his rediculous offer. Then, word of a winter wolf attack came from a messenger, they were headed towards the outpost. Baas Grande still forbid the halflings from entering the city. Perrin’s anger at injustice at an all time high, he snuck into the city, and demanded to bargain with Baas Grande. Perrin was admitted to a private session with Baas, as the town leader was taking a hot spring bath. Perrin saw the man, fat bulging in the steamy water, he was stuffing his face with exotic cheese and bread as he bathed. “Who’s there? This steam is clouding your face, friend. They say you want to talk business?” The human has a hot spring, while halfling children are freezing outside awaiting a wolf attack? Perrin, rage seething, walked up behind Baas Grande as he sat in his gilded hot spring. He picked up Baas’ ivory cheese knife, and drove it down into the soft flesh. As he ran, all he could think of was how hot he felt. The hot blood on his hands, the hot steam clinging to his face and clothes, the guilt. Stumbling outside into the snow, he ran to see his parents to tell them what happened. Maybe now the family could be safe behind walls, but his parents had no thanks for him. “You don’t know what you’ve done!” “You’ll have us all killed!” So, to protect his family, he ran away, into the freezing tundra.

Half-dead, he was found by acolytes of the Church of the Raven Queen. Taken into their chapel, they taught him the Raven Queen’s teachings, and he was soon trained in the assassin arts of the Moirae Atropos, the shears of fate. He now understood that everyone would eventually die. There was no going around it. As a blade of fate, it was his job to cut the threads of those who were so proud as to put themselves above death, were niether living nor dead, and those who the Moirae Laekesis, the alloters, deemed worthy to die. Perrin was then sent out of the monastary to further the Raven Queen’s goals. He was told that when he was needed, raven would find him, and tell him everything he needed to know. Perrin has then gone from town to city to town, looking for a sign from his diety and putting down the prideful and undead. He never found out what happened to his family and caravan so many years ago, or if they are still searching for the killer of Baas Grande.

Perrin Whisperknife

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