Captured nymph who trained in the art of wizardy before escaping with the captive Pyre


STR: 10 (+0); CON: 12 (+1); DEX: 14 (+2); INT: 17 (+3); WIS: 12 (+1); CHA: 13 (+1)

AC: 15; FORT: 14; REF: 15; WILL: 16

SPEED: 6 squares SIZE: Medium MAX HP: 30 Initiative: 7

SKILLS: (+9) Arcana INT[+3]; (+4) Bluff CHA[+1]; (+7) Diplomacy CHA[+1]; (+7) Insight WIS[+1]; (+9) Nature WIS[+1];

Race Features: Ability Score: +2 WIS, +2 CHA; Skill Bonus: +2 Nature, +2 Bluff; Vision: Low-light; Fey will: +5 vs. charm effects; Unearthly Grace: add CHA bonus to all saves and AC; Blinding Beauty: burst 5; humanoid enemies with line of sight and not blinded within burst become blinded until the end of the nymph’s next turn; encounter.

Languages: Common, Elven


Nymphs are not a gregarious race. They do not roam amongst others who are not their Fey relatives and even rarely amongst them. No, they isolate themselves away from others as effectively as they can. So it is quite a wonder how Shayana, a wood nymph, came to be adopted by an elf. Shayana always stood apart from the rest of her nymphet sisters; always daring to be visible to those who were not of the Fey Wild. She craved knowledge of the world outside the forest in which she dwelled; for freedom to act upon her daring spirit. But wishes as such made her an outcast from her peers. As they matured they shunned her from their lives and Shayana felt isolated, but not despaired. She traveled the woods on her own, following travelers and observing them from a distance before deciding when she should approach a passing group of aspiring adventurers. It was through these observations that she learned the trade of wizardry, and became entranced by it. Though she lacked the proper wardrobe, she managed to snag a few spells from a traveling party and practiced them obsessively day and night. After mastering these spells she desired stronger ones. She spotted a loan traveler, a wizard, passing through the forest and felt a surge of bravery and adrenaline to steal one of his spells. As stealthily as her nymph prowess allowed her to, she snuck up behind him, ready to reach into his bag and snag one of his scrolls; however he sensed her presence and captured her, rendering her unconscious before she could blind him. She awakened to find herself in a cold, dark place; she felt an overwhelming thought bring her knees to the stone ground: she was no longer in her forest. While contemplating whether she should be happy or panicked, one of the walls opened and the silhouette of an Elven wizard appeared in the opening. He grabbed her chains and led her to a room illuminated by candlelight, filled with cloaked, hooded figures in two linear rows, creating a path to the back of the room. She was pulled into the room and was forced into the back of it, meeting another figure head. Hearing the conversation between the two, understanding Common easily, she found that a mage here was in need of a child and figured that she, the captured nymph, would do. The conversation resulted in the acquiescence of Shayana becoming the adoptive daughter of one of the mages. She was forced to become the daughter of an Elf mage of, what she came to discover, the Ormus Mages. Though she held a great resentment for being oppressed and having her Blinding Beauty effect be repressed by a spell, she grew a little fond of this mage who took care of her, like one would spider outside their window; they would like to kill it but since it kept the flies from flying into their room they allowed the spider to live for that mutual benefit. As he taught her magic and incantations, she impressed him with how fast she perfected her spells. As the years passed, she came to accept her life amongst the Ormus Mages; however she still desired her freedom. She practiced hard every day with the intention of becoming strong enough to fight off the mages who would undoubtedly attempt to hinder her escape. However, she neared the end of her training and her adoptive father had arranged for Shayana to undergo the trial in which she would join the ranks of the Ormus Mages. She passed the trial with ease and was accepted as a new Ormus Mage. Proud as she was of herself she was also even more resolved to escape. She did not want to be dictated in what she did any longer. She planned her escape with the passing days; while in contemplation, she found that she had wandered into what appeared to be a dungeon and discovered a prisoner there named Pyre. She attempted to speak with him but the guards prevented her from conversing with him. When she had asked what his crime was they merely grunted in response. She hurried back to her “father” and demanded to know why Pyre was being held captive but he evaded the question with an order to go train. She searched out the other Ormus Mages to seek knowledge about the mysterious prisoner, but she was turned away every time. Having no information about the Tiefling’s crime she decided to free him when she escaped. Finally, on the night of the new moon, she used her nymphet prowess, which she had been improving over the years to slip passed guards and her “father”, to sneak down into the dungeons. She blinded the guards and released Pyre, taking him with her on her escape from the Ormus Stronghold. Since then, she had been on the run from the Ormus Mages with her Tiefling companion.


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